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13 11/2022

Fighting for glory, TCR Asia's 2022 season ends wonderfully

On December 8, TCR Asia completed two rounds of competition in Shanghai Tianma Circuit based on Songjiang Sheshan in the 2022 season, and the annual honor of this season was settled. In the first round , Zhang Zhiqiang of Shell Teamwork Lynk & Co Racing won; Another round in the afternoon, Sunny Wong, Zhang`s Teamate won all the way ahead.

Qualifying Zhang Zhiqiang Climbs to The Top Twice

In the first qualifying session, Ruan Cunfan of ZZRT took the lead in making an effective lap-speed, and Martin Cao later topped the race. The red flag was interrupted due to an accident midway through the competition. After the recovery of the race, all racers further improved lap speed. Zhang Zhiqiang made an unbeatable 1:07.535 and finally won the first place in qualifying in this section.

In the second qualifying session, Zhang Zhiqiang reached the top with a score of 1:07.626 after he came out, and then he was further refreshed to 1:07.058, ranking first. Wu Yifan of the 326 Racing Team once ranked second and first in the Super Cup, but his lap speed was later refreshed by Martin Cao of MG XPOWER. In the end, Zhang Zhiqiang won the pole position.

Round 11: Zhang Zhiqiang Pole to Win

The eleventh round kicked off at noon. Zhang Zhiqiang successfully won the first place after starting and moved forward as a leader. Behind him are David Zhu and Wu Yifan.

And then, accidents on the track triggered the safety car twice. After restart, Zhang Zhiqiang continued to lead the race and finally took the lead to achieve Pole to Win. His teammate David Zhu won the second place and Wu Yifan won the third place.

The top three open groups of TCR Asia are Wu Yifan, Lin Chenghua from QMA and Li Xuanyu of SPEED N.

Round 12: Sunny Wong Leads to Victory

In the Round 12, Sunny Wong rose to the first after starting, and established a leading edge early, and finally won successfully. Behind him, Lin Chenghua, Martin Cao, Zhang Zhendong and David Zhu broke out fierce duels. Among them, Zhu broke into the first three and launched a fierce attack against Cao . The fierce competition lasted until the last moment of the game. In the last lap, Cao suffered a dramatic blow out, giving up the second place. Zhu won the second place of this round and got the Champion of the year.

In TCR Asia open group, Wu Yifan, Ruan Cunfan and Lin Chenghua won the first, second and third place respectively.

2022 competition season
team score ranking
  • 1 Shell Teamwork Lynk&Co 493Pt.
  • 2 MG XPOWER 309Pt.
  • 3 326 Racing Team 135Pt.
  • 4 Fancy 99Pt.
  • 5 Z.SPEED N 54Pt.
  • 6 ZZRT 45Pt.
  • 7 QMA Motorports 16Pt.
  • 8 Z.SPEED 13Pt.
  • 9 TrackFun Racing 11Pt.
  • 10 KINGSTONE 6Pt.
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