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03 12/2021

Click to check the 2022 new calendar

As the epidemic is effectively controlled, our racing season is about to return!

After taking into account the epidemic prevention and control situation and related policies in the competition area, and actively communicating with all parties, we have made implementable adjustments to the 2022 TCR Asia annual calendar. The new season will be held at Zhuzhou International Circuit on July 10. Official start. The updated calendar is as follows:

Thank you for your passion and support  ! We are looking forward to meeting all the friends and fans in the 2022 season!

2022 competition season
team score ranking
  • 1 Shell Teamwork Lynk&Co 493Pt.
  • 2 MG XPOWER 309Pt.
  • 3 326 Racing Team 135Pt.
  • 4 Fancy 99Pt.
  • 5 Z.SPEED N 54Pt.
  • 6 ZZRT 45Pt.
  • 7 QMA Motorports 16Pt.
  • 8 Z.SPEED 13Pt.
  • 9 TrackFun Racing 11Pt.
  • 10 KINGSTONE 6Pt.
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