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21 11/2021

The Final Race of TCR Asia:Zhang Zhiqiang Won the Driver's Championship of 2021

On November 21, TCR Asia finished the final showdown of this season in Macao! Shell Teamwork Lynk & Co`s Zhang Zhiqiang climbed the top for two consecutive years and crowned the annual honor as a winner! His teammate Ma Qinghua led most of the race, but he was second in the event of a flat tire at the last moment. Yang Xiaowei of Z. speed team ushered in a strong rebound, completed an incredible counterattack and stood in the third place.

Race 1Ma Qinghua won

On November 20, the first round final of TCR Asia opened in Macao. After the start of the game, Ma Qinghua held the lead and drove away smoothly. Zhang Zhiqiang also had a good start. After only one lap, he passed on the outer line of Mandarin Oriental.

After three laps, Ma Qinghua has established a gap of more than 3 seconds. However, affected by the accident on the track, Ma Qinghua's previously established advantages were eroded by Zhang Zhiqiang. In the second half of the race, Zhang Zhiqiang was always within 1 second behind Ma Qinghua. Although he continued to put pressure on his teammates, Ma Qinghua remained unmoved.

The chase between the two continued until the last minute of the game. Ma Qinghua pressed Zhang Zhiqiang with a 0.382 second advantage to win of this round. Wang Risheng held his position at third. Tian Kai of huffsport TM hit the parapet in the Lisboa bend in the last lap and became another driver who broke away from the race. Yan Chuang, Wu Yifan, Liu Zichen, Rao long and Chen zexun won the fourth to eighth respectively.

Race 2Zhang Zhiqiang Won the Annual Champion of TCR Asia

The second round final started 12 laps at The Guia Circuit on November 21. At the beginning of the race, Ma Qinghua and Zhang Zhiqiang led the car array to the Pond bend. However, Wang Risheng surpassed Zhang Zhiqiang in the struggle at the Lisboa. In the next lap, Zhang Zhiqiang finished the counterattack on the inner line of the Lisboa and regained the second position from Wang Risheng.

In the third lap, Ma Qinghua lost the rhythm slightly, and the original advantage of nearly 5 seconds disappeared. Zhang Zhiqiang has only 0.395 seconds left from Ma Qinghua. On the fifth lap, Zhang Zhiqiang made a surprise attack at Mandarin Oriental. After entering the interior line, he passed Ma Qinghua and led the race. Ma Qinghua, whose exit speed was affected, was then overtaken by Wang Risheng and fell to third.

After one lap, Zhang Zhiqiang's advantage expanded, Wang Risheng also stabilized his position, and Ma Qinghua fell into entanglement with other competiters. Ma Qinghua finally got rid of his opponent and returned to the attack and defense war. Next, his speed seemed to be better, surpassing Wang Risheng and Zhang Zhiqiang one after another.

At the end of the game, Ma Qinghua tried his best to attack his second victory this weekend, but bad luck came quietly on him and Wang Risheng. Wang Risheng first suffered a flat tire and his ranking fell sharply, and Ma Qinghua also encountered the same situation in the last lap. Zhang Zhiqiang therefore inherited the lead and took the lead in the crossing line. Yang Xiaowei quickly approached Ma Qinghua, who had been unable to travel normally, but missed the chance to finish the second race in 0.693 seconds.

So far, TCR Asia in 2021 has come to a successful end. Looking forward to next season, we will witness more wonderful together!

Winner·s Voice

Zhang Zhiqiang from Teamwork Lynk & Co`s

Last year, when I first joined Teamwork Lynk & Co team, I was lucky to get on the highest podium in Macao. It seems that the goddess of luck here still cares for me.But I can't bear to see Ma Qinghua miss victory again because of an accident. He suffered a collision last year and a flat tire this year. I feel very sorry for him. The team gave me a very good car, fast and extremely stable. I am honored to drive a car of China's own brand to the top in this legendary race. I am also very grateful to the team for their support throughout the season. It is their unremitting efforts that enable me to achieve today's results!

2021 competition season
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  • 2 MG XPOWER 281Pt.
  • 3 326 RACING TEAM 121Pt.
  • 4 Z.Speed 117Pt.
  • 5 HUFFSPORT TM 61Pt.
  • 6 ZZRT 21Pt.
  • 7 FANCY 18Pt.
  • 8 TEAM ENDLESS 18Pt.
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