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24 10/2021

TCR Asia In Zhuhou: Zhang Zhiqiang Made a Magic Weekend!

On October 23-24, TCR Asia competed in the 5th-8th round of the season at Zhuzhou international circuit. Zhang Zhiqiang from Shell Teamwork Lynk & Co won in the 5th, 7th and 8th rounds while Cao Hongwei from Team MG XPOWER Won the 6th.



In the first round of this race weekend on the morning of October 23Zhang Zhiqiang finished with a pole to winwho helped the Lynk & Co get the Team firstRodolfo Avila and Zhang Zhendong got the sencond and third place. In the Class of MastersYang Xiaowei of Z.Speed, Yang Xi of HUFFSPORT TM, and Yan Chuang of MG conducts the 1-2-3.


After a short rest, the sixth round of competition started on time at 1:25 p.m. Cao Hongwei of MG XPOWER achieved counter attack and won the championship in this round, while Ma Qinghua and Zhang Zhiqiang won the second and third place respectively for Shell Teamwork Lynk & Co.


On October 24,   In the two round final on the same day, the "Red Devils" Shell Teamwork Lynk & Co became the biggest winner - Zhang Zhiqiang won the double win. He also became the second driver to complete the double crown in one week after Ma Qinghua. In the mean time, Rodolfo Avila finished in second place in the Round 7.


In the round 8 final in the afternoon, Zhang Zhiqiang, Zhang Zhendong and Cao Hongwei won the first, second and third place of TCR Asia respectively;  Wu Yifan, Yang Xiaowei and Yan Chuang won the top three in Class Masters



At 8:30 a.m. on October 24, the final of TCR Asia started as scheduled. Shortly after entering the second lap, Cao Hongwei's car suddenly broke down, stopped at the track and withdrew. Zhang Ziyi's car also  slowed down. At this time, the safety car was presented, and Zhang Ziyi chose to enter the pit.


The game resumes with eight laps remaining. Zhang Zhiqiang continued to maintain the leading position. Ma Qinghua fell into a personal struggle with his opponent. This attack and defense war also gave Rodolfo Avila a good opportunity to attack behind him. After a lap, Ma Qinghua was overtaken by Avila and Zhang Zhendong, and Wang Risheng soon came to his teammates. However, the experienced Ma Qinghua did not give his opponent a chance to breathe. He quickly regained his position.


At the last lap, Ma Qinghua chased close behind Avila and tried to surpass. Unfortunately, there was little time left. Ma Qinghua finally ranked third with a weak second difference of 0.066. Zhang Zhiqiang, the leader of the competition, made a smooth dash for the line, finally won the champion of TCR Asia, and Avila won the runner up.


Zhang Zhiqiang, from Shell Teamwork Lynk & Cothe big winner of this weekend, said:” The start of today's race was quite good. We passed the first car starting from pole position. But after turn two, I was overtaken by my opponent, and the team told me not to do too much defense. Because the car in front of me is a different group, I just need to follow the car in front of me in the normal pace. In the middle of the race, a car leaked oil in half of the track. It was very difficult to drive. Later, the safety car took a few laps and I still had a chance after starting again, but I didn't dare to be too aggressive because the track was too slippery. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with my performance this weekend.”

2021 competition season
team score ranking
  • 2 MG XPOWER 281Pt.
  • 3 326 RACING TEAM 121Pt.
  • 4 Z.Speed 117Pt.
  • 5 HUFFSPORT TM 61Pt.
  • 6 ZZRT 21Pt.
  • 7 FANCY 18Pt.
  • 8 TEAM ENDLESS 18Pt.
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