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Zhejiang Ningbo

Ningbo International Circuit is located in the hill climbing area of Chunxiao, Beilun District, Ningbo City, covering an area of 1111 mu with a total investment of 950 million yuan. The track invited the world-renowned track designer and builder Alan Wilson as the chief design, and it took one and a half years to create it with ingenuity. It is a second-level track with FIA certification and can host high-level international and domestic racing events. Ningbo International Circuit opened on October 15, 2017, focusing on track operation, event hosting, racing entertainment experience, etc.

According to different competitions, the track can be flexibly divided into 5 types of tracks to operate independently. The total length of the whole track is 4.01km, which is suitable for all types of car competitions. The high-speed circuit with a total length of 3.55km is often used for motorcycle competitions. The West Circuit, East Small Circuit, and East Circuit are mainly suitable for small displacement motorcycle competitions, section tests, and regional experience of new cars or performance cars.

2021 competition season
team score ranking
  • 2 MG XPOWER 281Pt.
  • 3 326 RACING TEAM 121Pt.
  • 4 Z.Speed 117Pt.
  • 5 HUFFSPORT TM 61Pt.
  • 6 ZZRT 21Pt.
  • 7 FANCY 18Pt.
  • 8 TEAM ENDLESS 18Pt.
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